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Battle Ropes Benefits Battle Ropes Benefits


Battle Ropes Benefits



Ropes made for battle – in fitness.

If ropes first had significant effects on the physical body, we should date it back to old Egypt when they used ropes to pull heavy objects to build their humongous structures like the pyramids.

In fitness, ropes first made their debut in 2010 with their creator John Brookfield who launched them as “battle ropes”.

He then went out to teach battling ropes to many professional athletes, sports teams, gyms, as well as enthusiasts.

Today, hundreds of battle ropes are available in the market with varying names. They are getting a bigger fan base by the day. Even celebrities use them.

But what really are battle ropes and why does everyone seem to love them?

What is a battle rope?

A battle rope is a thick rope designed to be an exercise equipment. It is formed by one rope meant to be anchored to the wall or looped through a pole held by both hands at each end.

These ropes can be used as an exercise routine of its own, or as a complement or finisher to an already existing workout routine.

Benefits of Battle Ropes

Finish Fast

Not everyone has the whole afternoon or night to spend in the gym. I know I don’t.

If I only have 2 hours to spare, I have to change, ready my things, drive to the gym, find a parking spot, you know the rest. That leaves me with how much time left?

If you also need something fast, efficient, and won’t take forever to do, battle ropes would be your best bet.

Battle ropes are for whole body workouts, even for the lower body. I tried it with HIIT and I was done in half the time. If I went through gym machines I’d probably take forever because, ehem, queue.

Fun and Enjoyable

Typical gym routines can be boring and predictable. It’s all motivational when you are a starter and have a weight goal. But once you get to your desired weight, shape, or build, it can be hard to maintain.

Maintaining your weight can be harder than having gotten there. Not to mention, monotonous. I’ve been there too.

Adding new routines or exercises can make it all interesting and fun.

Battle ropes can help you with this. Who knew they could be as much fun as they are efficient?

Whole Body Workout

If you come to think about it, battle rope exercises seem to only target the upper body. Technically, they do.

But if you come to do it though, you’ll realize you’re wrong.

Battle ropes can target not only the upper torso but the lower body as well. When you exercise with the ropes, you plant your feet solid on the ground.

You simply can’t do it standing straight. Nobody does battle ropes while standing. It’s not effective and it can be dangerous.

You have to pull your feet apart and lounge. This exerts an effort on your legs and glutes. Add in some jumps and lunges and your body will scream intensity.

Better Coordination and Balance

Some people just perform better with one good arm or leg over the other. Say for example in boxing, your right arm will throw a more powerful punch than your left because you’re right-handed.

Battle ropes address this by helping balance out muscle coordination between your two arms and help the other arm gain strength.

As for the body, you will get a better balance by maintaining a solid stance. Should you add lunges and jumps, your coordination will improve by timing and moving according to each rope lift.

Easy Resistance Adjustment

A battle rope is either anchored to a wall or looped through a pole and you hold both ends with each of your hands. The resistance changes when you go near or farther away from the loop or anchor.

The nearer you are to the anchor, the higher the resistance. The farther you are, the lower the resistance. This makes for better customization of workout routines especially if you are doing other types and are adding this to the routine.

Great Cardio for Cardiovascular Health

Cardio exercises are important even if you are weight training. Cardio develops endurance and you need endurance to finish any type of exercise.

Cardio exercises are intended to raise the heart rate. It can be any type of exercise. With battle ropes, this is more than achieved.

Not only will your heart rate be elevated, but you also save yourself from lower back, hip, or knee as you would other cardio exercises.

Unlike other cardio exercises like running, jumping rope, or cycling, battle ropes won’t put too much strain on your back and knees. You just have to stay in one position and lift the ropes alternately and get your heart pumping effectively.

Less Risk for Injuries

You will always be in control of how much effort you put out. Other exercises can be hard to control. With cycling, swimming, running, and others, you need to exert much effort and strength so you can achieve your goal.

With battle ropes, you stay in one area and have control over your movements. Jumping can cause a bad injury if you land the wrong way.

Burn Calories and Annihilate Fat

Strong word choice. That’s because it’s true and I can attest to that.

Do a HIIT with battle ropes and you’ll burn 400 Calories on average in half an hour. If that doesn’t sound great to you, I don’t know what does.

Fat gives out calories just like carbohydrates and proteins. The body needs fat to protect the organs. Fats also exist underneath the skin, and in women’s breasts (they’re made of them).

Excess fat can show up as flabby arms, a bigger waistline, and others. The only way to get rid of it is by burning it. Exercise is the most effective non-surgical way to get rid of fat.

The continuous movements assisted by battle ropes will induce fat burning and muscle building. And the more muscle you have, the lesser the excess fat survives. This is because muscles themselves can burn fat due to the energy they produce.

In addition, fat will have lesser space in between the skin and the muscle.

As I said, there are a plethora of battle ropes out there. Picking one can be tricky. One I’ve been using and greatly enjoying now is the Profect Sports Battle Ropes with Anchor Strap Kit. They’re heavy-duty, durable, and perfect for someone like me who does HIIT, Crossfit, swimming, running, kickboxing, and I could go on.

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