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Bosu Balance Trainer review



Remember that time when exercise balls were everywhere and were the rave of everybody? Well, their cousin just arrived on the carpet.

A quick history lesson: exercise balls were originally created to be used for physical therapy, not exercise.

Exercise balls aren’t just for hopping up and down. They have multiple uses too like aerobic exercises. They are designed to build muscles, strengthen the core, support and mobilize the back, and develop flexibility, endurance, and of course, balance.

Bottom line, they’re designed for core and back strength and balance.

The Bosu Balance Trainer is an exercise ball. Half of an exercise ball. But how does it compare?

Does being half mean half the results? You should find out!

What is it?

BOSU means BOth Sides Up. They were created back in 1999.

It’s basically an exercise ball cut in half and placed on a plastic base. Oftentimes, it is called a balance trainer. Its body is made up of latex, rubber, or PVC, just like an exercise ball.

And like an exercise ball, a BOSU ball can help with balance, strength (especially for the core), mobility, flexibility.

The material isn’t hard, it’s quite the opposite. And like a ball, it is intended to be unsteady.

What it Promises

When you look at it, it does seem innocent. Harmless, even. Not that it’s harmful, but try stepping on it and you’ll know.

I definitely did.

Proven Workouts

It gives you both cardio and targeted exercises to help build balance, muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility. The exercises are all in a downloadable DVD format.

They’re unlike any workout and are challenging.

Better Health

Get all the desirable effects of exercise like better health through the unstable configuration.

High Quality

Made in the USA and is designed to last 10x more than other balance balls.

Better Balance

The Bosu ball causes you to find your balance by aligning your body properly while doing any type of exercise. This helps train your body so you can do both everyday tasks and harder non-regular activities that require physical exertion.

Increased Strength

Weight training with the Bosu ball makes the workout more challenging, thus making your muscles work more than usual. This results in increased strength.

Improved Flexibility

Bosu balls can also be used for some yoga poses to improve flexibility.

Enhance Sports Skills

Make your sports skills even better with the Bosu ball by adding it to your plyometric drills or “jump training” to enhance power and speed. It can be a good supplement to sports like football, basketball, skiing, running, and the like.

What it Did and Didn’t Do for Me

I have used an exercise ball before and it was fine. It didn’t do much except for my spine and posture. They were definitely better.

My back didn’t hurt as much as well.

However, this was my first time trying the Bosu Balance Trainer. For the record, I’ve used it for about 3 months now.

First, let’s get the Enhance Sports Skills benefit that it assures because I am not sporty. I don’t have a sport. With this Bosu Balance Trainer, I just make use of the downloadable videos.

Okay. Let’s talk about the first claim which is better health. I would base it solely on the exercises.

I was doing more floor exercises: planks, push-ups, and burpees. Without Bosu, they were effective in getting my heart pumping and my whole body sweating.

With Bosu, I sweated even more. I felt like it really did tighten my core and toned my arms enough.

My balance was better too. The unsteady base forced my body to balance myself as much as I can so to prevent wobbling and slipping. It helped!

The only thing I noticed or didn’t notice for that matter is an increase in flexibility. I feel like I am just like before I started using this balance ball.

As far as the durability of the product, I suppose it’s working fine. I didn’t see or feel any sign of wear or deflation.

And like with exercise balls, I didn’t feel any pain in my back. In fact, my posture is also better as well. I guess exercise balls and balance balls really do that.

If you are looking for other ways to increase your strength and balance, the Bosu balance ball is great! But I wouldn’t recommend it for someone whos’ looking for a more advanced strength workout.

It can make a regular workout challenging, yes, there’s no doubt about that. It’s just won’t do a lot for the adept in the field of strength, balance, and flexibility training.

  • Durable
  • Effective in strength and balance training
  • Tightens the core
  • Tones the arms
  • No back pain
  • Great for posture
  • I didn’t see a difference in flexibility
  • I think I have to use it more
  • Not for advanced practitioners
  • Not for advanced training
  • Not for those with spine or balance issues
  • Not for those who don’t have patience when it comes to balancing


1. What is the maximum user weight limit?
  • 300 lbs
2. What are its dimensions?
  • Its diameter is 65 cm or 26 inches
3. What else is included with the Bosu Balance Trainer package?
  • The package includes the BOSU Balance Trainer, an owner’s manual, a hand pump, and 2 downloadable DVDs.

Final Thoughts

I think the Bosu balance trainer is a simple but efficient exercise tool that can amp up your regular workouts and exercises.

I didn’t do all the workouts in the DVD videos. I only did some of them. I also did some exercises of my own, most of which I am familiar with and more comfortable doing.

And I should also say that the results were good. There was a difference but it wasn’t a drastic one. Nobody achieves a radical change in one go anyway so that’s fine with me.

I would want something that’s more of a challenge though. And do note that advance people may not appreciate this so much.

In the meantime, I will definitely continue using this.

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