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Weider Ultimate Body Works Review



As everyone would say, it’s important because a fit and healthy body means the reduced likelihood of getting lifestyle diseases and longer life expectancy.

When you come to think about it, exercise can be classified into 2: with equipment and without equipment.

If you ask me, doing exercise with equipment is far  better because it can target certain body parts and the body as a whole. They also let you move more and they provide resistance which results in better muscle contraction. 

I personally like equipment that works a lot as I do. So, I did a research, found this Weider Ultimate Body Works machine, tried it, and here’s what I think:

Weider Ultimate Body Works Review

Before we get to its features, I first want to note that I’ll be trying my best to explain this in a simple way. In addition, I want to explain what the fundamentals are about this exercise machine.

First, it is a multi-gym machine. At least for me. The reason I say so is that it may only look like a typical bench, you can do different exercises with it: lateral pull down, chest press, v-crunch, pilates, and much more in one single machine.

Second, it uses your body weight to create resistance. This is called calisthenics. You can create different exercise routines based on what’s comfortable to you and change or increase it as you go.

Third, there’s still a way around changing resistance levels (increasing or decreasing it). You can do so by using the incline bench and adjustable bands. Now that we’ve covered that, let’s proceed to its features!


Adjustable Incline Bench and Bands

Adjusting the incline bench will result in better resistance. There are 4 resistance bands as well if you want to increase weight resistance up to 50 lbs. Together, they make a challenging but effective workout whatever it may be.

Rolling Bench

You don’t have to worry about your height. The bench or seat can expand or collapse to adapt to your height and exercise preferences. It rolls up and down as well for exercises that require different ranges of motion.

High Pulleys and Multi Motion Cables

No need for dumbells. The pulleys and cables can work your arms like no other. The pulleys’ positioning and the cables that move in all directions help maximize the range of motion in several exercises.

SpaceSaver Design

Unlike other machines, this one doesn’t take up much space. It can be folded too so that makes storing it away easier.

Now that we’ve got its features out of the way, let’s discuss what it can really do and what other benefits we can get from it!


It can target a TON of muscle groups

This the ultimate machine to train your abs, obliques, arms, legs, work your chest, back, shoulders, glutes, and more!

Some exercises it can do:

  • Cardio pull
  • Butterfly
  • Tricep extension
  • Pull up
  • Rowing
  • Seated Curl

It allows you to target a specific muscle at a time, or target several at one go!

Full Range of Motion

To encourage muscle contraction, it’s best to do total mobility. And you can achieve just that with the pulley and cable system.

Quick Exercise Change

Change your exercise, not your equipment.

Really, there’s no need to switch to another exercise machine. Instead, you can change your exercise after finishing one. All you need either to change your position or change the inclination of the bench or the resistance bands.

Safe and Sturdy

You don’t have to worry about safety with this equipment. Mine never showed any signs of screws falling off. That sounds really dangerous, but yeah.

There weren’t any creaking or weird sounds either. If your equipment makes any sound, it can mean that there’s something wrong.

Moreover, I haven’t had any mishaps or anything alike. Not that I was waiting.

No Waiting for Available Equipment

Unlike being in the gym, you might need to wait for someone to finish his or her routine before you can use the equipment. You don’t have to worry about that now.


Obviously, it’s more hygienic to work out at home. And if you’re the only one using this equipment, then all the more.

Saves You Money

Since it’s a multi-exercise machine, there’ll be no need for exercise bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, exercise mats, and so on. That saves money.

  • Multi-workout home gym
  • Supports a myriad of exercises
  • Targets major muscles
  • Adjustable incline bench
  • Efficiently creates resistance
  • Easily change between resistance levels
  • No need for other exercise equipment
  • Cost-efficient
  • Not for people who are extreme muscle builders
  • Not for gym pros looking for more
  • It can be hard to assemble especially if you’re doing it alone
  • It can still take up space even if folded
  • It can be heavy for some people
  • Not the easiest to store


1. What is the weight limit of this exercise equipment?

            The weight limit is 250 lbs or 114 kg.

2. How does it compare to Total Gym?

            Total Gym is much more appealing in the eyes. It’s also less heavy than Weider Ultimate Body Works. Total Gym also has longer cables than Weider’s.

They are only similar in the sense that they both can do pretty much the same exercises with the exception of a few from Weider.

3. Is the cable and pulley system detachable?

            No, they are not.

There’s nothing to worry about. The pulleys don’t hit each other or anything. They don’t make any noise either.


The Weider Ultimate Body Works is a great home gym machine. You can do a plethora of exercises, really. The unit comes with an exercise chart just in case you run out of ideas as to what exercise to do next.

It’s also great when it comes to resistance. Not only will it assist you but it will also create resistance for you.

I find resistance exercises to be very effective especially when you’re parallel against the floor, or even when inclined on the bench.

The only thing about it is that if you’re looking to be beefy, you’re not going to be with this equipment. But if you just want to lose weight, tone your muscles, and be fit, the Weider Ultimate Body Works can help you get there.